This is not the most comprehensive list of tribute acts in the UK, no — this is just a tribute

NB: This post contains links to tribute shows that are in no way affiliated with any original artists/estates/management companies or similar shows.

Did you know that even today you can go and see artists like David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson, Elvis and Whitney Houston? Even bands like The Beatles, The Smiths, and Buddy Holly are still touring!

How? Tribute artists of course! There are so many all around the country bringing to life acts from yesteryear so that you can relive the magic. This writer has fond memories of being taken to see what she thought was Steps and the Spice Girls as a child and only realising years later that it was the talented performances of tribute artists instead.

Of course, there are also plenty of acts out there dedicated to still-living and performing artists. Some people really just have a knack for pulling off an uncanny impression of some of the most famous musicians out there. From Adele and ABBA all the way through to Pearl Jam and The Killers, you can find a tribute act to suit everyone’s taste!

There are so many acts out there for you to explore but beware — this means there are many very similar acts. For example, Bowie Experience and The Bowie Experience are very different bands. One of the trickier parts of our business is ensuring we match up the data correctly so we don’t accidentally direct customers to rival shows.

We have hundreds of tribute acts featured on our website so it’s impossible for us to list them all here — but take a look at a selection that have tours coming up!

Thank You for the Music — the Ultimate Tribute to ABBA

Who doesn’t love a bit of ABBA? Thank You For the Music are on the road from this September bringing a dazzling performance of all the songs you know and love, so pop on your platforms and head along for a boogie!

The Clone Roses: The Stone Roses Tribute

This band embodies all the swagger and stage mannerisms in a spot-on tribute. They’ve been touring for more than two decades and are the next best thing to the original Stone Roses.

The Jam’d: The Jam Tribute

To sell your performance you need to be a fan, and The Jam’d absolutely are. Featuring a replica of Rick Bucklers ‘Great White’ drum kit, this band put their heart and soul into replicating the sound of the real thing.

Live/Wire: AC/DC Tribute

Another band committed to capturing the look and sound of the real thing, Live/Wire want to drop you right in the middle of an actual show from the original rockers. Expect high voltage and all the classics.

Fastlove: A Tribute to George Michael

You gotta have faith that this show will knock your socks off! A respectful recreation of the soundtrack of your life, Fastlove has toured worldwide with its tribute to the late great George Michael.

Check out some more of the tribute acts coming to a venue near you!

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